Multi-Access CNC Lathe

7-Axis - 20mm Mini-Turn/Mill
Non-Guide Bush Type Sliding Headstock Lathe

The Swistek AS20T is our 20mm mill/Turn CNC Screw Machine. The AS20T comes standard with a M70 Mitsubishi 7-Axis 64 Bit Controller, simultaneous sub-spindle, 4 live cross working tools, C-Axis on the Main and Sub-Spindle, part conveyor, chip conveyor and broken cut off sensor. This7-axis Swiss screw machine is very economical and is capable of manufacturing easy-to-complex parts at a very competitive price. Non-Guide Bush Type machines are generally for manufacturing parts under 3.5 x Bar Diameter overall part length.

Save time and money when running shorter parts. Running without the guide bushing will help you achieve better part concentricity and reduce bar remnant length for an added cost savings.

Key Features
  • Non Guide-Bush Type Swiss
  • Easy To Program
  • 20mm Bar Capacity
  • 7 Controllable Axis
  • Simultaneous Subspindle
  • C-Axis Main and Subspindle
  • 4 Live Cross Tools
  • Part Catcher
  • Part Conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor with Chip Carts
  • Broken Cut-off Detection
  • 3 stage Tower Light
  • *Optional Live Face Tools on Main
  • *Optional Live Face Tools on Sub
Tooling & Axis Layout

Versatile tooling layout for your simple to most complex parts.

16 position main spindle tooling design, 9 tool positions for sub-spindle.

Easy to program, powerful Mitsubishi M70 control.